Notify-send for Windows

notify-send is a tool that displays pop-up desktop notifications.

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notify-send [OPTIONS] "TITLE" ["MESSAGE"]


-i ICON: specifies an icon to display.

The possible values of ICON are: info | important | error. Default: info.

-a APPNAME: sets the ToolTip text displayed when the mouse pointer rests on a notification area icon.

-t TIMEOUT: specifies the timeout in milliseconds at which to expire the notification. Default: 10000.

This parameter is deprecated as of Windows Vista. Notification display times are now based on system accessibility settings.

-v: show version and exit.

-?: show help options and exit.

-u LEVEL, -c TYPE, -h HINT are ignored (designed for compatibility with the Linux version).

--: end of options.


notify-send "My Message"

notify-send "Title" "Message"

notify-send -i error "Error" "File not found"

notify-send -i important "Attention!" "Update required"

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