HTML Shortcuts

This service allows you to create a shortcut to a web page as a HTML-file.

HTML Shortcuts vs Bookmarks

You can open HTML-shortcut everywhere: by any browser and under any operating system.

If you are using HTML-shortcuts, you will not have problems with the import of bookmarks when you use another browser, or if you will change operating system.

HTML-shortcuts are easy to manage

HTML-shortcut are regular files, it's easy:

Adding the button "Create HTML-Shortcut" into your browser

To add the button "Create HTML-Shortcut", you should add a bookmark with the address:


Adding the widget "Create HTML-Shortcut" to your site

To add the button "Create HTML-Shortcut" to your site, you should create on your page link or button, which will open the URL address:

For example, Create HTML-shortcut to this page